Why Laminated Tube Packaging is the New Trend for Pharma and Cosmetic Industry?

These Lamitubes are known as laminated tubes because of their characteristic manufacturing which uses several layers of polymers and other materials. Lamitubes are excellent barriers and thus help to increase the shelf life of a product. Owing to this helpful feature, the Lamitube packaging is expected to experience major demand in terms of volumes from several industry verticals like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Laminated tubes are manufactured in multi-layer laminate foil with using aluminum or plastic barriers that are inserted in between the inner and outer layers of the tube. Laminated tube packaging is most suitable for pharmaceuticals, makeup, and food products.

Why have Laminated Tubes become so Popular?

This penetration in various industries has given rise to the enhancement of these properties by making the product more reliable, smooth, flexible, puncture-resistant, moisture resistant and high filling line speed that best suits the application in various industries.

Lamitubes can be fitted with a wide range of caps and closures systems such as flip-top, stand up caps, etc. is another important feature that has fuelled its demand across several verticals.

The End-Uses of Laminated Tubes in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

Lamitubes is becoming an increasingly popular option across several industrial verticals including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. Lamitubes are now also being used in the storage of pharmaceutical products like muscle relaxants, anti-fungal creams, oral gels, etc.

The cosmetic industry as surfaced as a versatile market over the past few years. This sector is involved in introducing new products which require attractive and reliable packaging.

These tubes maintain the product’s integrity by providing features like moisture retention. They are used in packaging cosmetics such as face cream, skincare products and face wash.

Benefits of Laminated Tube Packaging?

  1. These tubes boast of having the same advantages as plastic, but their barrier properties are closer to those of metal. The laminated tubes have a good feeling and maintain the retract witness of the life of the contents of the tube.
  2. Plastic laminated tubes combine all the essential qualities of metal and plastic. The laminated tube material is similar to that of plastic but has tough barrier properties of aluminum. The tube protects from air, light, and moisture.
  3. The tubes are well-sealed to protect the contents of the tube from spoilage.
  4. These laminated tubes are also tamper-resistant. Many pharmaceutical companies use the laminated tube packaging because they are hygienic, lightweight, and toxin-free which helps to improve the shelf life of the pharmaceuticals.

Owing to these features, the demand for laminated tubes manufacturers is expected to increase in the industry as tubes having end user-friendly features moisture-resistance, adaptability to various caps and closures systems. The traditional packaging solutions like pouches and bottles might pose a challenge to these lamitubes market over the forecast period.

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Effective Ways to Reduce Product Packaging Costs

The main objective of any business should be to please their customers and at the same time maximise their profits. To reduce product packaging cost, businesses should focus on ways to cut the cost of expenditure without sacrificing the quality of their product so as to secure a higher profit margin. One corner where businesses tend to spend quite an amount of money is while choosing the product packaging.

In order to protect their products as well as to advertise them free of cost, they tend to spend an inordinate sum of money on packaging. The way that businesses can easily boost up their profit margin is to look for cost-effective product packaging solutions. These will help you save a decent amount of money and at the same time will ensure that the quality of your product is not compromised anyhow. Given below are some suggestions on how to reduce product packaging cost for your business venture.

Have a Good Idea about your Product and Research your Options – Here is a simple and cost-effective packaging solution that will require no new equipment and money. You need to have a very clear idea about the product you are selling. According to the dimensions and material of your product you need to select a good packaging option.

You need to be sure whether your product needs two layers of protection or whether they need two cardboard linings on the boxes instead of the one. Good research will save you a lot of money and stop you from spending money on unnecessary things.

Use Modernized Equipment – One way how you can reduce your packaging costs is to reduce the labour costs. You can do this by buying modern equipment that can do the job of the hired labourers. In the short run this will seem like an expensive venture but in the long run this will be a major factor that contributes to your company’s profit. By taking out labourers, you are essentially cancelling out all labour costs.

Save some Weight – Do some research and shed some weight off of your packages. Opt for materials that are lightweight yet sturdy. As you know heavy products will require more money for shipping, it is therefore essential that you use materials for your packaging that is slightly lightweight. Doing so will help you save quite some amount of money and help you even more when it comes to maximising profits without compromising the product quality.

Test Before You Use – Your packages are going to travel a lot of distances, they might come face to face with scorching heat, heavy rains or terrible blizzards. You need to make sure that your package is made of some kind of material that can withstand these extreme temperatures and prevents any shipping damage. Testing them will take some time and money but look at it this way, the tests will make sure your products will survive these long arduous journeys without any damages so that your customers don’t want a replacement and as a result you won’t be suffering any loses.

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